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"Having been a registered nurse for over ten years, as a result of the (now known) Coronavirus Pandemic, I rather abruptly found myself in a highly frustrating situation, stuck abroad due to a cancelled flight.


As if dealing with the limitations and lockdowns of the virus weren't enough, a lot of unreported requests came to my attention from my fellow NHS staff for protective equipment (PPE such as shields and masks, aprons and skin care products). The by-product of the pandemic then started hitting the news hard while the staff's plight was made all the more real and stressful; because they felt restricted (as well as endangered) trying to provide much needed care in hospitals. However, they were unable to do so due to a mass shortage of PPE Equipment.

Knowing the NHS and Trusts and the Healthcare Sector in general, I reached out to see what I could do and, with the timely and thankful help of a good colleague; a creative film director and entrepreneur (who was also stuck abroad but thankfully local to the province where I lived), after a brief round of Skype and discussions I then set about creating vital resources (like this website) in order to help aid our front line staff and healthcare workers."

I was so surprised how fast this all grew and with the timely assistance of colleagues such as Claire and Sarah and many more donations and helping hands and now, with your help, we can all ease the burden on our NHS Front Line together and stand alongside our NHS Heroes in solidarity. Thank you. 


SIan Francis - RN

NHS-SOS - Save Our Staff

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Our vision is to ensure that every department of the NHS has all the resources it needs to meet any crisis at any time.



Our mission is to reach every healthcare facility and staff member right across the UK through working with everyone, whether via sponsorships or with the support of sister charities and groups.



A group was set up on Facebook (see links on Home Page) as a Public Group (for everyone) and a Private Group (for Healthcare Professionals) went live in March 2020 to reach out to the  community at both local and regional levels.


The support included volunteering within the community, offering various services and resources or simply contributing to much-needed requests from various sites for equipment (PPE), sourcing them and organising the supply and delivery to wherever they were needed in the UK.

In less than a few days we gained the combined support from almost a thousand members of the public and staff, and their kind and caring commitment and support made NHS-SOS - Save Our Staff a valuable and very much appreciated resource for our front line NHS workers.

In days we had become a growing team consisting of admin, logistics and delivery and we took on a number of moderators to help keep the flow of posts and the support and logistical nature of the group going.


Today, with your help, we can make our resources for our NHS Front Line more meaningful. The media is already reaching out to us and we are already talking to channels such as BBC and ITV and Radio but we need as much support from that quarter as well as the general media in order to really punch our vision and message home.




You too can help us in any way you can, no matter how large or small: If working as a healthcare professional, join our private group. If a member of the public, join our public group and start contributing and helping out. Your continued, vital support will aid our front line staff. Please feel free to put forward any suggestions. Our team will respond to every request and post.


But lets make this drive for PPE/equipment a real resource for everyone and lift the morale of our front line workers. Because in the end, if we care for those who care for us, we will all benefit.

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