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Our Latest Social Media  & Support Campaigns

Our Facebook PUBLIC GROUP was created on 27th March (3 days after the PRIVATE GROUP below) as part of a spearhead campaign to make the public aware of the shortage of the supply of PPE. The PUBLIC PAGE was also created to keep the public informed as NHS-SOS did all it could to supply our hospitals with PPE.

Working with new suppliers every day, as new products were realised to help ease the burden on our front line workers, the public group grew every day and has continued to do so.

NHS SOS Public Group.jpg
NHS SOS Private Group.jpg

Our Facebook PRIVATE GROUP was opened on the 24th March, originally for all healthcare professionals in order to keep everyone informed of new PPE as it came available and to be a service to help staff to be better informed on issues regarding the general environment around them as it may affect them


 Items such as RCN updates on the use of PPE gear and other notices along with government posted updates can be found on this page.
To keep the group secure, a
nyone wishing to join the PRIVATE GROUP is professionally validated before they are asked to join.


We needed a device that could immediately show the results of when we SUPPLIED a hospital or trust with SUPPLIES so our designer came up with the idea of CLAIMS BANNERS so that anyone can scroll down the FACEBOOK Campaign groups and find the latest SUPPLY ACTIVITY and see the success of the NHS-SOS campaign results in an instant.

A series of CLAIMS BANNERS cover every single supply group and ever single product being supplied to hospitals and trusts all over the UK.

NHS SOS 100 Supplied Face SHields.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 00.06.12.png

Our TWITTER Group, also launched on the 24th March 2020 was set up to post more of a snapshot series of news and general activity posts reflected on FACEBOOK and other pages.


TWITTER is an essential part in drawing the supporting public toward the Social Media platforms but it will primarily be looking to keep people informed in a more general way than the specific activity posts that will be reported on the FACEBOOK pages.

Over time, more political responses may be dealt with on the TWITTER pages and posts and so TWITTER may be the only part of the SOCIAL MEDIA campaigns that develops and diversifies.

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